We specialize on Integrative Health Coaching, Kitchen Gardens, and Essential Oils... through the lens of Slow Living.

"There are few that I know in life and business quite like Liana and Mike. Both in their creative and business pursuits, they possess a unique gift in being able to not only understand the subject matter, but become experts in it. I’ve invited them both to speak at a number of events and on a number of different subjects, and one thing remains consistent - they can take complicated subjects and teach in a way that’s easy to understand and fun. I’ve loved watching Liana and Mike grow their family and businesses over the years. They've truly created a life that is passionate, intentionally slow, and meaningful."

Alice Park
Creativity Camp Founder, Coca-Cola Scholars Alumni Advisory Board Member, NAPCP Co-Founder, Park Studios

Local Offerings

The following in-person consultations & group classes are available locally in the Atlanta and North Georgia Area.

Online Courses

We are excited to offer a number of our courses online now! Learn from anywhere in the word, when it's convenient to you!


Hi we are Mike and Liana Hall and family, great to meet you!!   We have been married twelve years and our slow living story has unfolded during this time.  

When we met, Liana was deep into a career as a destination wedding photographer, speaker, and educator.  She's been teaching Business Boot Camps in the US and abroad for 15 years.  When I asked her father for her hand in marriage, he gave his blessing and said "I hope you can get her to slow down from this super fast-pace life!"   Thinking back on that now, it was the start of our Slow Living journey!  

Liana is a Duke-trained Integrative Health Coach as well as a Kitchen Garden Coach.  Among other businesses we've worked on together, we've grown a handmade leather goods business from the ground up in the past 9 years and taught together as well.   

When we're not chasing our four young kids around, having family dance parties, and digging in the garden dirt out back...  we're usually breaking bread with friends and family or doing some creative project with our hands.  

We are passionate about sharing what we've learned these past 12+ years...whether it be about creating intentional spaces in your home, choosing natural solutions over conventional ones, connecting in real life over REAL food, creating something with your own two hands, growing a little of your own food, or most importantly building strong foundations... we're here to help!  - Mike

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